The Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Foundation


The Angola Museum strives to preserve the past by facilitating the exhibition of factual historical events, honoring all progress made through corrections, rehabilitation, and criminal justice, and educating the future through contributions to our understanding and dialogue on corrections, criminal justice, and its past through innovative and engaging programming.

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values

Our Vision

The Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Foundation is a museum that informs and educates the public and provides a unique experience about the history of corrections in Louisiana.

Our Mission

The mission of the Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP) Museum Foundation is to support the LSP Museum in its promotion of historical, educational, and cultural activities that are designed to document and preserve the history and development of corrections and justice in Louisiana. We provide quality education through meaningful and interactive exhibits and programming for our visitors and serve as a research center for Louisiana Corrections and Criminal Justice. The museum, in partnership with Department of Corrections (DOC), fosters public awareness of prison life and the important role that the DOC plays in the maintenance of a safe civil society in Louisiana.

Our Values

Integrity, Openness and Inclusiveness, Excellence, Learning, and Innovation